Innovation - so really - what is it all about?

A ‘buzz word’ some might say, ‘a trend’, others might say, what it is, is the catalyst for future change and growth yet are we over complicating it?

For many businesses, the word innovation is essentially considered some fancy term for introducing technology into their business, yet the reality is it is something far more broader than that. Innovation is the creation of newness, new ideas, new processes, new cultures, new operations, new mindsets, new technologies, new products, new services, new markets, new customers etc.

As the world changes, so too do our customers and therefore to survive, so too MUST our businesses.

Having worked with more than 500 small and medium sized businesses across a 3-year period what is most apparent is how much the word innovation is mis-understood and as a result, a severe number of business growth opportunities are missed.

Are you a business with a track record of success and now facing challenges with sales or reaching the right customers? Are you a business with an idea you are keen to develop yet funds are limited, and you are not sure where to start? Or are you a business ready to launch a product but are struggling with capacity?

These are just some of the business blockages we have met over the last 36 months who with the support of the Innovate 2 Succeed programme, businesses have overcome funding challenges, have connected to their new customers successfully, have found the right market in which to launch their product or service, have introduced faster and more efficient ways of working and all have grown to further their potential, increase business success and feel confident about their future ambitions.

As an organisation of passionate business experts, who collectively have worked in more than 40 different industries and carry more than 100 years of business experience; RTC, Innovate UK and the European Regional Development fund, bring you one day opportunity to really grasp the importance of being fit for the future, prepare your business and people for the rapid pace of change, harness the talent in your business and deliver the future to your customers with the very first AMBITION NORTH 18. November 1st live in Leeds, Keynote Speakers from across the globe take to the stage along with national SMEs to demonstrate what it means to stand out from the crowd, lead the way and never consider yourself TOO AMBITIOUS.

AMBITION NORTH – November 1st in Leeds at The Royal Armouries Museum.

Seats are limited so BE QUICK

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