FRASER DOHERTY MBE – Closing Keynote Speaker (Edinburgh, Scotland)

The Adventures of Jam Boy – Innovation from the Kitchen Table.
“A good idea doesn’t necessarily need to be high tech…”

You might not think that there's a great opportunity to reinvent everyday products, but one young Scottish entrepreneur proved that inspiration can sometimes be right under our noses.  Having learned to make jam from his Grandmother at the age of 14, he went on to create 'SuperJam'.  His brand of 100% fruit jams launched into thousands of supermarket stores around the world to a media fanfare.  Having created innovation in what was considered to be quite a stuffy category, the products went on to sell millions.

The founder of coffee company Envelope Coffee and co-founder of, the world's largest online craft beer retailer, he has applied what he's learned about innovation and product development many times over.  In this entertaining and thought-provoking session, he will distil some of his experiences into helpful tips for other entrepreneurs and small businesses to innovate.